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In the News – Empowering Effective Teachers

February 3rd, 2013 Waskiewicz Comments off

February 3, 2013
Tampa Bay Times
Hillsborough’s teaching reform system differs from early plans

January 27, 2013
Tampa Bay Times
David Steele Q&A: a midterm report on teacher evaluation project

January 8, 2013
The Wall Street Journal
Good Teachers Linked to Test Success

The Associated Press
Gates: Test scores not enough for teacher reviews

December 7, 2012
Bloomberg Businessweek
Fla. education chief defends teacher evaluations

Tampa Bay Times
Controversial new system rates 96.5 percent of Florida teachers effective or better

December 4, 2012
The Washington Post
A valid way to use ‘value added’ in teacher evaluation

Orlando Sentinel
Teacher evaluation report, a first for FL, due out tomorrow

Tampa Bay Times
Union: Teachers should be made to take an exam

October 28, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Back to drawing board with teacher evaluations

October 3, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Hillsborough school board will discuss changes to evaluation system

September 14, 2012
Morning Joe interview with Jeb Bush

September 9, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Hillsborough teaching evaluators get training for tough conversations

August 28, 2012
Education Week
Living in Dialogue

August 21, 2012
Mentoring Program Helps Hillsborough County Keep Good Teachers

August 17, 2012
StateImpact Florida
How Hillsborough Schools Are Keeping More New Teachers In The Classroom

August 12, 2012
The Christian Science Monitor
Back to school: How to measure a good teacher

July 26, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Superintendent and mentors welcome new teachers to Hillsborough

June 17, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Officials: Few Hillsborough teachers to be fired under Gates evaluation system

May 22, 2012
The New York Times
Gates Puts the Focus on Teaching

May 7, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
New evaluations good for teachers and students

February 29, 2012
In Florida, a teachers union that doesn’t just say no

February 26, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Hillsborough parents seek answers on effects of Gates project

February 23, 2012
The New York Times
Op-Ed: Shame Is Not the Solution

January 23, 2012
Tampa Bay Times
Debate about reform heats up Hillsborough teachers’ union election

November 26, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
A weekend interview with Bill and Melinda Gates

November 19, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough teachers share insights on reviewing other teachers

November 13, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough embarks on Principal Pipeline to develop, hire and support leaders

November 10, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Bill and Melinda Gates visit Tampa to discuss their investment in Hillsborough schools

November 10, 2011
The Tampa Tribune
Editorial: Gates’ classroom observations

November 9, 2011
The Tampa Tribune
Bill Gates, schools benefactor, visits Jefferson High

October 31, 2011
Education Week
Union-District Partnerships on Display at Urban Education Conference

October 24, 2011
The Wall Street Journal
Grading the Teachers

September 27, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough school officials take new evaluation system to parents

September 25, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough County teacher evaluation project director discusses new model

September 20, 2011
The Tampa Tribune
Hillsborough board reviews new teacher evaluation plan

September 18, 2011
The Tampa Tribune
Previewing the new teacher evaluation system

September 14, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough teachers receive scores under new system

September 12, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
David Steele answers questions about the Hillsborough Gates evaluations

September 9, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough teachers will soon receive their first year’s grades under Gates plan

September 3, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Project helping Hillsborough utilize and develop high-quality principals

August 30, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough district shares in Principal Pipeline grant

The Tampa Tribune
Hillsborough gets $12.5 million for school principals

August 22, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Florida’s teachers face tougher evaluations amid sweeping change

August 9, 2011
Education Week
Principals’ Performance Reviews are Getting a Fresh Look

July 29, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough superintendent braces teachers for changes

July 2, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough teachers divided over education reform funded by the Gates foundation

June 9, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough’s teacher evaluators eager as they train for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative

April 20, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough prepares for big shift on teacher evaluations

March 22, 2011
The Wall Street Journal
Bill Gates Seeks Formula for Better Teachers

March 9, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Florida teacher tenure bills would bring rapid change

March 6, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Parents’ input into teachers’ evaluations a tricky issue

February 27, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Experts see perils in Hillsborough’s teacher evaluation plans

February 12, 2011
The Tampa Tribune
Teacher tenure appears safe in Hillsborough

February 11, 2011
The Tampa Tribune
Legislature may copy Hillsborough’s teacher tenure reforms

February 2, 2011
Education Week
Wanted: Ways to Assess the Majority of Teachers

January 20, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
School superintendents gather in Hillsborough to discuss reforms

January 19, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Editorial: Seizing the opportunity to improve Florida’s schools

My Fox Tampa Bay
All eyes on Hillsborough

ABC Action News
School leaders answer Governor Scott’s challenge to come up with their own reforms

Bay News 9
Hillsborough school leaders: ‘This is what we’re doing’

WMNF 88.5 FM
School officials from all over Florida “Lead The Way”

Teachers, School Officials Hold Hands in Hillsborough

January 13, 2011
St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough conference brings school districts and unions together

December 2010
St. Petersburg Times
Students can help with teacher evaluations, Gates study says

The Tampa Tribune
Editorial: Local schools’ good grades

When School Reformers and Union Leaders Unite

October 2010
St. Petersburg Times
Column: No heroes or villains, just hard work to make schools better

Education Week
Duncan and Unions to Highlight Union-Management Collaboration

St. Petersburg Times
Arne Duncan praises Hillsborough’s reforms, union collaboration in Tampa visit

The Tampa Tribune
Education chief calls Hillsborough schools a model

U.S. Education Secretary Praises Hillsborough School Reforms

Creative Loafing
Arne Duncan comes to Tampa to praise local school officials and announce national education summit

St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough’s Race to the Top plan has a lot of Gates in it

The Tampa Tribune
Hillsborough schools hope for $26 million in stimulus money

St. Petersburg Times
Arne Duncan plans visit to praise Hillsborough’s collaboration with teachers union

September 2010
New Hillsborough mentors and peers are face of Gates grant work

August 2010
Hillsborough teachers seek more planning time to improve, union head says

Classroom by classroom, Hillsborough prepares for Gates reforms

July 2010
Gates reforms get aired in Hillsborough contract talks

Gates Foundation playing pivotal role in changes for education system

In interview, Bill Gates urges teachers to join reform like Hillsborough’s

June 2010
Gates grant provides a boost to Hillsborough’s teacher recruitment

PR shop helps Hillsborough publicize its Gates plans

Hillsborough schools pick university to measure each teacher’s value

May 2010
Onetime math teacher leads Hillsborough’s teaching revolution

Hillsborough School Board members probe details of Gates reforms

Hillsborough School Board get first look Monday at new teacher evaluation spurred by Gates grant

Schools record teachers in class to find best methods

April 2010
Hillsborough hires 100 peer evaluators for its $100 million Gates reforms

Gates grant and earlier changes put Hillsborough schools in sweet spot

March 2010
A weekend interview with Hillsborough schools superintendent MaryEllen Elia

Hillsborough teachers will soon be rated by their peers

Schools defend spending of Gates grant money

Gates-inspired training system for Hillsborough teachers on school board agenda

600 teachers apply for 116 new mentor/peer jobs

Hillsborough Schools may hire communications firm to help explain Gates reforms

Teacher survey suggests clearer, not tougher standards

February 2010
At a glance: Before and after Gates grant

Teachers like Gates grant coaching, wary of reviews

Hillsborough looking for 116 teachers to mentor, evaluate

January 2010
Hillsborough teachers get answers on reform plans

Online and face-to-face, Hillsborough school officials explain their $100 million Gates plans

Hillsborough School Board sees opportunity, peril in $100 million Gates reforms

Schools to pay best teachers more, faster with Gates grant

My Fox Tampa Bay
Gates plan mentors teachers

December 2009
The Gates Foundation’s $100 million challenge

November 20, 2009
The New York Times
Gateses Give $290 Million for Education

The Washington Post
Gates Foundation invests $335 million in education reform Grants to focus on teacher effectiveness

Bloomberg Press
Gates Foundation to Invest $335 in Education

Puget Sound Business Journal
Gates Foundation gives $335 million for U.S. education efforts

News Blaze
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Commits $335 Million to Promote Effective Teaching and Raise Student Achievement

St. Petersburg Times
Hillsborough wins $100M Gates grant

Tampa Tribune
Hillsborough schools win $100M grant from Gates Foundation

Hillsborough on short-list for Gates grant

November 5th, 2009 Waskiewicz Comments off

The district is seeking a major grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to revise its teacher evaluation system.  Read about this seven-year, national effort.

The St. Petersburg Times writes Hillsborough can serve as a laboratory for the rapid improvement of public education in America in their supportive editorial.
November 6, 2009

Superintendent MaryEllen Elia talks with the St. Petersburg Times about the impact of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant.
November 4, 2009

Gates Foundation funds teacher effectiveness

October 29th, 2009 Waskiewicz Comments off

Hillsborough County Public Schools is participating in a $2.3 million research grant to study the importance of teacher effectiveness on student achievement, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Read the story in The Tampa Tribune or the St. Petersburg Times

October 20, 2009